If you are looking for more space that the traditional residential subdivisions offer, then Mount Margaret is the ideal choice.

All of our blocks are bigger than 2,000m2 and are great value for money at an average price of $75/m2.

Located in Alice River adjacent to Rupertswood, the Mount Margaret estate offers unrivalled opportunity to build a new home on a large block in a country setting, whilst only being 12 minutes from major shops and town.

With the feature Mount Margaret at its heart and the Alice River running to the west, the Estate’s walkways, hiking trails, parks and landscape offers boundless recreation opportunity and an enviable backdrop for any new home.

Alice River is a welcoming community, and with 93% of homes in the area occupied by families it is a safe and healthy place for your family to grow.

“It’s so peaceful and quiet, with a low crime rate.  It’s just such a nice community and everybody looks out for one another. It’s that perfect balance between city and country living.” 

Delivered by the local developer of the well known Chelsea Place, building at Mount Margaret is both a lifestyle decision and an investment in your future.

Stage Three and Four: READY TO BUILD ON

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